hyuga-mouko 日向猛虎 DK-116


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attractive sharp tora variety found in Miyazaki-pref.

very popular worldwidely.

well balanced tora.

2 growths

This is special listing that you can order plants from Japan.
We are collaborating with Japanese nursery and selling plants that are still in Japan. This will help you to get special plants before they are sold in Japan and take a look special plants it is hard to get even in Japan.

Important note*
-price are including handling fee (CITES, plant inspection and shipping from Japan). No additional cost to you except shipping charge from California to your destination which will be calculated automatically at checkout. All the plants will be quarantine in both countries and coming to CA where I sort all the order.
-we accept most of major payment method (PayPal, credit card)
-This plants are still in Japan.
We will take order until end of May 2024 and plants will be arriving to USA in mid June. You will be notified once plants are arrived safely.
-Any questions and inquiries, please message me directly. seed_engei@yahoo.com I will contact to Japan and resolve issue or answer to your questions.


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