75. OOEMARU-NO-SHIMA 大江丸縞 New!


Product Description

Middle size variety, leaves are very wide. If you see them in your own eyes, you would admit this is a special variety. Always appreciated as honored variety in Japan and dealt in high price. They are magnificent and but stay compact.
Leaves have Great stripe variety, wide leaves
When variegation mutated to inner stripe, would be called as MIKADO
If they mutated to marginal stripe, would be called as DAIDOMARU
mud brown stem, mud brown root tips, crescent moon tsuke

Ooemaru-noshima is known for slow grower and variegation is super changeable. You will hardly see nice clump of Ooemaru-shima with similar variegation on each growth. But Japanese loves compact wide leave variety. I normally see 2-3 Ooemaru-no-shima at grower’s greenhouse in Japan. Growers enjoy different variegation each plant produce. Also sometimes they get red colour on leaves. Mikado, Daidoumaru is also great variety to mutate too. Enjoy and try to produce great variegation!

Additional Information

Weight .3 lbs