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KINKUJAKU is valuable variety which has tiger stripe on small foliages called bean leaf. Usually bean leaf variety with variegation is very very expensive like RYOKUHONOSHIMA ($2000) or KINKIRIN ($15000) etc. But KINKUJAKU is still reasonable and good to start with. To make them produce nice gold tiger stripe, you should give them blight light enough. New leaf come up with solid green color and will produce tiger stripe as getting old. (This feature is called NOCHI-HAZE) The variegation is the most important part for Fukiran. That is why lightning is very important issue for all variegated variety. KINKUJAKU’s tiger stripe is called NORI-FU which means variegation appears only on surface. Have great feature in this adorable appearance.

*lost few leaves on mother plant during shipping. it stopped there but special price for it!

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