652. FUKIDEN 富貴殿


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King of FUKIRAN that always ranked in high on chart
Always popular and wide curved leaves are very appreciable.

Variegation is Tenzae type (variegate well from the first)
New babies come up with solid yellow leaves (ghost leaf) and gets green color inside as it gets old.
creamy yellow Fukurin
mud brown stem, mix of mud brown and red root tips, crescent moon tsuke
After while, green base will darken and wider. That is more desirable for Fukiden. If you want to know how old the plant is (of course there is always exception) but look at green base.

at first you might look at Fukiden and say what is difference with other marignal stripe plant like Gojo-fukurin, Nishidemiyako etc. But Fukiden has very special look. If you grow them side by side with others it is very obvious which is the king. They tends to grow and make great shape. Balanced and symmetric. The base of green color is dark green and all of the character this variety has make plant stand out. Even when they are small. Enjoy beautiful variety!