394. OOMUSOU 大無双


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Product Description

Came out of self-seeding of BENI-KUJAKU. BENIKUJAKU used to be dealt in more than $10,000.
Many of siblings are popular as well (i.e Benimusou, Musoumaru, Musoumaru-tora)
The difference between Benimusou and Oomusou is the texture and leaf shape.
Benimusou’s leaves has more rough texture and leaves are closed (won’t be flat)
Oomusou has less rough texture on leaves but leaves could open flat. Tsuke (connection between stem and leaf) is mountain but close to ocean wave.

Presentation is very important. It looks great when every growths grow tightly from each other and become big clump.

Additional Information

Weight .2 lbs


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