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354. SAIKAKU 西鶴 New!


Product Description

SAIKAKU is very desirable mutation from Nishidemiyako. High-end and popular. Mutation occurs quite often from nishidemiyako but Saikaku is rare mutation. The leaves stays compact and small and curved. The TSUKE is completely different than Nishidemiyako. Ocean-wave tsuke might create unique curve on the leaves. Big mature Saikau looks magnificent, it grows wide and thick. If you like Nishidemiyako, this is the variety you must have.
NISHIDEMIYAKO is most popular varieties in FUKURIN type because it easily mutate or produce another varieties such as MANAZURU or GINSEKAI, SAIKAKU sometimes. FUKURIN variegation have never propageted to seedling child so the price of Fukurin varieties are stable all the time. Flower is normal white but flower stem produce nice red color.

Additional Information

Weight .2 lbs