308. SUIHOU 翠宝


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One of high-class variety that is shown on very top of FUKIRAN chart. Came from Amami island. The plant shows character of Amami-furan a lot. Leaves get very wide, large and thick. New leaves come up with almost solid green with no stripe and produce variegation as it gets old. Bottom leaves are curved (called Hime-ba) and variegation is similar to MANGETSU (queen of Fukiran). These type of variety is easy to get ghost leaves, or Genpei variegation (not marginal but half green and yellow) but the variegation of this particular variety apparently is stable. Very old, unknown variety. Still very popular.



Magnificent, get large and wide


[stem /roots /tsuke]

light mud brown stem, mud brown root tips, crescent moon tsuke

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