264. FUKIDEN 富貴殿


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Product Description

King of FUKIRAN that always ranked in high on chart
Always popular and wide curved leaves are very appreciable.

Variegation is Tenzae type (variegate well from the first)
New babies come up with solid yellow leaves (ghost leaf) and gets green color inside as it gets old.
creamy yellow Fukurin
mud brown stem, mix of mud brown and red root tips, crescent moon tsuke

At first, people ask me what is the difference between FUKIDEN and other marginal? If you look at closer, there is difference you can say (leaves are thicker, green base is wider and contrast of between yellow and green base is vague, grow tight and short) but for me, I just say it looks better and grow different. So I would say only way to find out! You would see how their presentation and variegation is different with others now and also later you will be able to distinguish Fukiden and others after you grow it. They are beautiful plant. Grow very beautifully. Enjoy!

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