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Variety of momoyama-nishiki. Stay small
MOMOYAMA-NISHIKI is the variety which keeps their popularity for very long time. Came out from Amami seedling and been propagated by division. This variety would be one of the greatest hit came out from Amami-seedling. The division cost more than $1000 for single growth. They produce beautiful snow white stripe on large and wide foliage Amami has. When temperature drops, they produce beautiful pink variegation as Hokage does. Very beautiful!

Just recently one of grower succeeded to make selfing of Momoyama-nishiki. This seedling produce same stripe (with pink color) as division. Still, there are not many plants stay alive with nice variegation. The ones have too much color seems easy to get hurt.

First introduction to USA! Enjoy their beautiful variegation.

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