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MOMO-KONGOU has pink flower bean leaf.
Few decades ago, one japanese grower made cross between Darwinara charm and Neofinetia falcata Tamakongou. Seed Engei brought them in to USA about 5-6 years ago and sold them as “rainbow” since they have beautiful coloured flower (pink, purple, yellow, white) like rainbow.
This grower was growing this cross for many years and finally decided to sell all of his cross. In this hybrid, few came out with bean leaf (majority of this cross had long big leaf). In bean leaf type, Most of them bloomed with white and looks like Tamakongou. But some bloomed with coloured flower and Benikongou is one of it.
In Fukiran world, bean leaf is always popular. People love it without flower or variegation. But it is also true people still love flower and there is no dark flower colour variety in Fukiran world.


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