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line breeding between KOKUBOTAN and MANYOUKAN. KOKUBOTAN is popular and high end variety that produce SUMI. It is mutation from KINBOTAN and produce very different character to KINBOTAN. Kinbotan produce blight tiger stripe, sometimes stripe and beautiful ruby roots. It is hard to grow but this is one of the most popular variety in all. There is more story about KINBOTAN why they are so popular but If you compare KINBOTAN and KOKUBOTAN it is sun and moon. KOKUBOTAN does not produce such blight color but definitely has feature of KINBOTAN and has dark variegation and SUMI. Even it looks dark it is dealt as expensive as KINBOTAN. MANYOUKAN is very blight tiger stripe. This line breeding is very interesting. Do you get blight tiger stripe with SUMI? Do you get ruby roots? or something so unique that we’ve never seen?

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